Title: Passcode Decrypt

Platform: Web browser (accessible only within Club Penguin)

Year: 2011 (moved to mobile 2014)

Tools: Adobe Flash

Passcode Decrypt was one of five Field Ops our team created specifically for Club Penguin’s Elite Penguin Force storyline. Field Ops were minigames that were only accessible for the week it was featured for a particular story beat in the overarching EPF plot. This particular Field Op was used during story beats that required players to break into secret files and computers of the enemies of Club Penguin by decoding the password via the mechanics of the game. Passcode Decrypt was used in Field Ops 34, 42, 50, 56, 58, 68, 77 and 103.

Design was collaborative with Komdetch Koonopakarn (engineer), and I also created all art assets used in-game. A playable version can be found here.

Gameplay video: